Flower Foot Tattoos

Cute Lower Back TattoosFlower foot tattoos are a form of decorative body art applied to the foot. This application is a creative alternative for some individuals. It is an unusual display for most tattoo wearers but shows the creative flair of those who choose this form of expression.

Types of tattoos vary from petunias, hydrangeas and lilies. Vines are a common design pattern, connecting the lower ankle flowers to the end of the foot. The varieties of flowers that can be reproduced are endless and only limited to the imagination of the tattoo bearer.

The process for applying the flower foot tattoo is no different than any other type of body art applications. Some tattoo artists may not wish to apply this type of body art. The application of a tattoo to the foot can be limiting, making it difficult for some artists to guarantee the quality of their work. You should question the artists you choose about their philosophy and any warranties they provide.

After the flower foot tattoo has been applied, you should go home and immediately elevate your foot. It is advisable to have a friend or family member drive you to and from the tattoo appointment. This reduces swelling and will keep you from putting any undo stress on the area, which will be irritated. The resulting swelling from the tattoo application will disappear in time, normally within a week.

It is important to wear lose fitting footwear and keep the pressure of the foot during the day of application. If you work in a retail position or in some position that requires you to stand, it may be a good ideal to take the day off. During the week you foot shoot feel fine and the initial redness and swelling will diminish. There may be flare-ups but again in time your foot will be back to normal function.

If the area wear the tattoo has been applied becomes extremely irritated and red and this condition persists for several days, see a doctor. It is okay to take ibuprofen after the application for any nausea or pain you feel. It is highly recommended that you drink plenty of water and reduce your intake of salt. Soft drinks, carbonated beverages and alcohol should be avoided initially after the tattoo.

Be aware that maintenance of a foot tattoo differs from that of other types of body art. Foot coverings such as socks and shoes will denigrate the quality of the tattoo over time. This wear and tear may require touch up work and a second application of the artwork. This knowledge will help to eliminate or reduce any potential dissatisfaction.

Be mindful of the type of design you choose. Flower foot tattoos that are simple in design tend to be better than those that are more intricate. Women are more likely to display a tattoo on their foot or feet than men. This is probably due in part to the willingness of women to wear sandals and open toe footwear that are better design showcases.

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  1. In fact, butterfly tattoo designs can be put as same category with flower foot tattoos. This is because both of tattoo designs are only suitable for girls only, especially within the range 13 – 21 years old.

  2. My friend mentioned to me your site, so I thought I’d check it out. Very interesting insights, will be back for more!

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